Glenn Duncan
President & CEO of Southlands Schools International

Six years ago, this school on this beautiful hillside did not even exist. Now you have two classes of Southlands graduates in great Universities. In addition, this week, about 200 families will be entrusting their children and their futures to the administrators and teachers we see here today. I say to these parents, your trust is well placed.

Over the years many of you have come to know the teachers, the staff, and the students on our campus in Southern California. And every year some of our teachers and students get to know you on your campus. And your soccer team may have won this year, but we are coming back to even the score!

As we have built these relationships we can see how you have sought to replicate the best our home campus has to offer, going above and beyond to give your students the best education possible and preparing them to reach their full potential.

I am excited today to celebrate with you the beginning of a new school year and the overall success of your school. I highly respect what you have accomplished, and I want you to know from me, that we proudly place Southlands Schools name on the diploma of each graduate you have educated. We know the quality of your administration, your teachers, the curriculum we have developed together, and your graduates who have entered American colleges and universities with our diploma. We are so proud of you!

I want to thank the entire leadership team and all of you for the trust you have placed in us and the reputation our students from all Southlands campuses have worked so hard to earn. We do not take that trust for granted.

I have been at Southlands for 14 years, and in many ways each year is better than the one before. And students, while you may not see me very often, rest assured that across the ocean the Southlands team is striving every day to make the future at Southlands Quigdao the brightest if can possible be.

At Southlands, we are in constant pursuit of excellence in education. And because of this, the education and experience you receive at Southlands will have an even greater impact in your lives and the fulfillment of your destiny.

Bert Johnson
Overseas Campus Principal




Southlands Qingdao is a truly inspiring example within our Southlands International Schools family. The trust and cooperation between our US and Qingdao administrations has built a framework for academic and institutional excellence. Our teacher’s skills and commitment to each other and their students has brought that spirit of excellence into every classroom.

The diligence of each student and graduate has enabled them to thrive academically in core subjects. And through electives and activities, they have developed personal interests even as they strengthen enduring friendships. As we watch our graduates enter top American Universities, we are sad to see them go, but full of hope for what they will do and become.

The trust and support of each parent has made Southlands Qingdao possible, as we join you to help your precious children reach their highest potential and ultimate destiny, no matter where in the world their journey takes them. We thank every administrator, teacher, student and parent whose sacrifices and effort have made this school possible. Let us join together and continue striving for even greater impact on classes and generations yet to come.

Alice Zhao



索斯兰的校训是“Discover yourself, Fulfill your Destiny”。我们秉持发现教育理念,让每一位独一无二的同学得以充分挖掘自己的潜能,施展自己的才华,将我们的学生都引导和培养成为心智健全、品行卓越的优秀人才。我们注重促进学生智力、体力、想象力、思维能力及社交能力的全方位发展,在这一过程中,学校的引导、教育和管理责无旁贷,家长的理解、配合和支持对也不可或缺。我们期待着更多优秀的人才能从索斯兰走向世界。


Dear Students,

It is with much excitement that we have embraced the fifth academic year in Southlands. We had the first crop of graduates this June and all of them have successfully been accepted by universities. In September of this year, we were happy to have more students join and become a part of the Southlands family. A wide range of activities have been offered to enrich students’ campus life. These activities include academics, sports, as well as arts. All teachers in Southlands consider it a great honor to grow together with so many beautiful souls and to see your concentration inside the class and your smiling faces outside the class while participating in the activities that Southlands can provide.

The school motto of Southlands School China is “Discover yourself, Fulfill your Destiny”. We insist on exploring education, discovering the unique nature of each student, and guiding students to realize their potential and better themselves. We also pay attention to the mental health of our students to help them build a sound personality and enjoy healthy and happy growth. In this process, the instruction, education, and administration offered by the school itself are indispensable, while understanding and cooperation from parents are also integral for the healthy growth of a student. We are anticipating a bright future in the hope that our school, serving as a base for fostering future generations, could thrive with a myriad of students showing diverse personalities and strengths.

I hope each student in Southlands would make strict demands on himself or herself while chasing dreams, because the behavior of you, the students, epitomize the Southlander philosophy in the international community. I hope you all will grow to be a considerate and free-thinking person, who has the ability to listen to your inner voice and follow your passions, wherever they may lead. Embrace the infinite possibilities for your life, and never stop discovering yourself or pursuing your dreams. The world is ahead and there are many paths to tread, so let’s run with the dream from today onwards!