Wendy Li

英语专业硕士、多年TOEFL/SAT 教学经验

TEM-8    TOEFL/SAT teacher
TOEFL score: 113    SAT Grammar score: 800
8 Years of TOEFL/SAT teaching experience
Teaching Motto: “To improve your TOEFL and SAT scores, improve your English first”

Unlike most Chinese students who take TOEFL in high school, I first studied it in university. As an English major, TOEFL is just a knowledge test of a language for me. I passed it easily with a high score. However, teaching TOEFL is a different matter. Teaching TOEFL and SAT for over 8 years has been a challenge for which I have received the recognition of students and parents. The most important advice for studying TOEFL and SAT I can offer is, “To improve your TOEFL and SAT scores, improve your English first.”

Bewildered learners, most high school students are. Vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, and even background knowledge can all be great challenges for most of them to master. Comprehension of 5,000 words is the minimum recommendation to begin TOEFL reading, standard pronunciation is the basic requirement for listening, and application of basic grammar is required for SAT writing. The above mentioned are the basic principles in my teaching. Certainly, teachers need to explain to students some general knowledge of different subjects such as chemistry, biology, and astronomy. In the period before the test, a reasonable number of rehearsal and mock tests are given to students to help them get used to the four-hour test. The demand for TOEFL and SAT is so great that most high school students have to spend over two years preparing for them.

TOEFL and SAT teaching in Southlands, as an indispensable part of our curriculum, makes productive use of students’ time at school, which is an important element of the two-year TOEFL and SAT preparation. From the initial preparation to the final score, all the detailed information about every student is shared, followed, and recorded by the teachers in our department. Ultimately, our efforts are rewarded and we can expect our students to achieve more. From Chinese-language classes in junior high to the English-language classes in high school, Southlands provides great access to a western approach to education and our TOEFL and SAT teaching contribute greatly.

作为一名英语专业教育背景的老师,高分通过托福考试是对我英语专业水平的认可。但托福教学却跟托福学习是完全两码事。经过八年对托福和SAT的不断摸索和研究,我才逐渐得到了学生和家长的认可。 多年的教学经验让我不断提醒我的学生:要提高托福和SAT成绩,必须先提高英语水平。

大多数高中生面对托福SAT考试都手足无措。词汇,发音,理解和背景知识对他们来说都是巨大的挑战。五千个单词是托福阅读的基本要求,标准的发音是听力科目的前提,基础语法是SAT写作的首要要素,这些都是在教学中我们要遵循的基本原则,与此同时要配合各个领域的基础知识进行教学。 考前阶段还要通过练习和模考等多种手段帮助学生适应长达四个小时的考试,并考出理想的成绩。 正是因为托福和SAT对英语语言水平严苛要求,对大多数高中学生来说至少需要两年的准备时间。

索斯兰的考培课程作为美国课程体系的一部分,充分利用了学生在校学习的时间,在学生备考托福和SAT的两年时间里,给他们提供了必不可少的帮助。 考培部的老师们密切跟踪学生每个阶段的情况和所有细节信息,并加以记录和分析,确保每个学生都能够考到自己最理想的成绩。以此为踏板,很多学生顺利申请到了自己心仪的大学,以索斯兰为起点,踏上新的海外留学征程。

Jessica Liu


Jessica Liu graduated from Zhejiang University with dual bachelor degrees of English and Business Administration. She majored in TESOL and Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language in New York University. She also observed several schools in New York including the UNIS International School. She taught ESL and Mandarin in local public schools, too. The teaching materials she wrote has been presented in the DCLT Forum in New York. She holds the TESOL certificate as a professional English teacher, and she has been devoting herself into curriculum designing, grammar teaching, second language learning etc..

I would like to describe myself as an enthusiastic and dedicated learner for how to become a better teacher. I am just a teacher, like many of my colleagues, however, it has been my career which I devote myself into. Teachers have missions, big or small, that inspire them to educate the next generation. Southlands Schools China is the very place that make my missions grow and come true.

I am local Chinese and have been educated here for sixteen years, and I understand absolutely how Chinese education has been in the past two decades. I studied both English and Business Administration in my undergraduate. However, a volunteer teaching experience in Guizhou province deeply changed me and made me determined to study Education in my graduate life. I went to New York University and studied TESOL and teaching Chinese, during which I got the valuable opportunities to observe different schools and teach American students. My dual roles as a graduate student and a high school student teacher enabled me to experience pure American education better. I was amazed by the rapport learning environment and American teaching approaches. Thus, I came back to China with a dream to be a unique English teacher in an international school like Southlands.

Working in Southlands with passion and love, I know my student well. This doesn't simply mean that you know their names, performance at school, language level etc., also, know their personalities, learning styles and other needs. Some students need more encouragements while some like challenges; some are good readers while some are quite verbal. Multiple intelligences make different styles of learners, and all these features should be kept in teachers’ minds. Mostly born and raised in Qingdao, students in Southlands show the spirits of this beautiful seaside city. They are positive, active and willing to learn different cultures as well as knowledge. Not only do I teach them, but they also teach me everyday, too, with their kindness, enthusiasm and efforts.

As a TOEFL and ESL teacher, I insist language learning should be meaningful. To put language learning into real life surroundings even beyond school settings, we need meaningful contexts in planning, instruction as well as assessments. Meaningful contexts include both meaningful input and output in interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes involving the four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), guaranteed by enough exposure, repetition as well as motivation. It has been a great experience to see that teachers in Southlands share the same approaches and teaching philosophy, both national and international. We’ve been united and cooperative, giving firm supports to each other all the time.

As William Arthur Ward said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Teachers should be facilitators, being there firmly to help inspire students do what they can to explore as much as possible, rather than just lecturing and giving out endless exercises. Our school is growing fast and steadily, surprising us every day. Me as a teacher, stand alongside with my colleagues and students firmly, trying hard to make this place a better one. With passion and grit, everyone here can dream big.






William Arthur说过:“平凡的老师传授,优秀的老师阐释,非凡的老师言传身教。”教师应该成为推波助澜的促进者,始终如一地激励学生探索更多的知识,而不是仅仅授课和给无穷无尽的作业。我们的学校正稳健快速地发展,每天都在给我们惊喜。我作为教师队伍当中的一员,坚定地与各位教师和同学们站在一起、同舟共济,全心全力为学校发展贡献力量。满怀热情,不忘初心,在这里,梦想多大,舞台就有多大。

Darryl De Nicola



An AP exam grade is more meaningful than either SAT or ACT in some ways. The AP exam tests your ability to handle college-level material in a way that SAT and ACT do not.

AP Chemistry is known as the hardest AP test, but it can be made easy if you consistently study for the course. Chemistry problems are often abstract and difficult to conceptualize, so repeated practice is necessary. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. It is impossible to cram all of the information a week or two before the test. Students that were successful (scored 3 or higher) consistently studied and kept pace with the content in class, constantly asked questions and engaged in classroom discussions, displayed an academic independence that will serve them well in their future study.

Over 153,000 students took the AP Chemistry exam in 2016. Most colleges and universities have a science and lab requirement, so a high score on the AP Chemistry exam will sometimes fulfill this requirement.

The mean score for the AP Chemistry exam was 2.69, and the scores were distributed as follows (2016 data):,
5 - 10.5%
4 - 15.6%
3 - 27.5%
2 - 24.8%
1 - 21.6%

The table below presents some representative data from a variety of colleges and universities. This information is meant to provide a general picture of the way that selective colleges view the AP Chemistry exam. You'll see that all the schools do offer credit for a strong score on the chemistry exam, even if just general credits with no placement--AP Chemistry is one of the more widely-accepted exams.


AP化学(AP Chemistry)被视为最难的AP考试科目,但如果能够坚持系统复习,步步为营,就能步步为赢。化学问题大都比较深奥晦涩,难以总结归纳,所以勤加练习,着有必要。我们要知道,攻克AP化学,是一场马拉松,不是短跑冲刺。考前临时抱佛脚,想用一两周的时间突击复习、死记硬背,这是行不通的。那些取得好成绩(3分或以上)的学生,都能按部就班学习,课堂上紧跟老师的进度,不懂就问,积极参与课堂讨论,表现出良好的学术独立性,这一点对于未来的学习和深造都极为重要。


5分 - 10.5%
4分 - 15.6%
3分 - 27.5%
2分 - 24.8%
1分 - 21.6%














Dr. Linda Marion


Dr Linda Marion is from New Mexico in the United States and moved to China with her two daughters, Kiersten and Kaden. Dr. Linda Marion has earned a B.S in Biology, Master of Education with an emphasis in Learning and Pedagogy, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Science Curriculum and Instruction. Her dissertation study focused on Service Learning. Dr. Linda Marion has 15 years teaching experience in the K-12 and university level classroom. She was a professor of education in the United States before coming to China.

Dr. Linda Marion is very passionate about Service Learning to connect students with each other and the wider school community. She established the Southlands Peer Tutoring program to inspire older students to mentor younger students by helping to share knowledge and educational experience. The Peer Tutoring Program meets every Tuesday and Thursday during the PM Study time on campus and allows older students to be paired with younger students for tutoring. In the month of October 27 Southlands Students participated in the Peer Tutoring Program and accumulated over 36 hours of tutoring! Older students decide which subjects they are best at and then are paired with younger students who struggle or need extra practice in those subjects.

Service Learning helps students to realize how much they have learned and how they can contribute to other student's success on their educational journey! Student tutors earn Service Learning credit and will be given awards at the end of the year for their total hours of participation. Awards will be given to tutors who log the most tutoring hours.

Dr. Linda Marion's educational motto is "Hands-on, Heads-On", which means she engages her students with student-centered hands on activities in science so that they are not just reading about science but actually becoming scientists in the classroom.

In addition to the Peer Tutoring Program, as the Dean of Students here at Southlands, Dr Linda Marion also is the faculty sponsor of Student Council work and Community Service Learning. Last month, she went to an autistic school with Southlands Care Foundation members and taught a vivid lesson for them to think about the value of life and our responsibility to the betterment of humanity. She will be attending a Service Learning trip to Cambodia in February and hopes students will join her to take advantage of this valuable Service Learning experience!







2 TESOL courses. Advanced and Children’s certificate.

AP Biology certificate
AP Coordinator certificate

Kathy Ma



美国IB课程, DP音乐课程教师培训资格证书;


Oscar Zang

2017 U15山东省国际学校足球联赛第一名。

Aimme Zhang

1. Panpan Zhang, Weimin Liu,* Guangle Niu, Hongyan Xiao, Mengqi Wang, Jiechao Ge, Jiasheng Wu, Hongyan Zhang, Yanqing Li,* and Pengfei Wang. Coumarin-Based Boron Complexes with Aggregation-Induced Emission. (J. Org. Chem. 2017, 82, 3456-3462)

2. Panpan Zhang,1 Ying Ding,1 Weimin Liu,* Guangle Niu, Hongyan Zhang, Jiechao Ge, Jiasheng Wu, Yanqing Li,* and Pengfei Wang . Red emissive fluorescent probe for the rapid detection of selenocysteine. (Sensors and Actuators B 264 (2018) 234–239)

3. Guangle Niu,1 Panpan Zhang,1 Weimin Liu,* Mengqi Wang, Hongyan Zhang, Jiasheng Wu, Liping Zhang, and Pengfei Wang. Near-Infrared Probe Based on Rhodamine Derivative for Highly Sensitive and Selective Lysosomal pH Tracking. (Anal. Chem. 2017, 89, 1922−1929)

Pauline Dong

The 3rd Guangzhou international exlibris and mini-prints biennial
Zhu Zi China Exlibris exhibition culture
The first Tianjin Exlibris small Printmaking Exhibition
The second national youth small printmaking Exhibition
The Thirteenth National Exlibris bear small prints exhibition and international Exlibris masters Invitational Exhibition

The 32 International exlibris Exhibition (Honorable mention)
Energy scholarships in Yongxin, Canada
The first Tianjin Exlibris small Printmaking Exhibition (Honorable mention)
The Thirteenth National Exlibris bear small prints exhibition and international Exlibris masters Invitational Exhibition (Honorable mention)
The 33 International exlibris Exhibition (Honorable mention Third Prize)
2013年第五届国际少儿书画大赛 组织金奖
2014年第六届国际少儿书画大赛 组织金奖

Alex Geng


Jessica Liu

2012年纽约DCLT 原创中文教案绘本
2013-2014 多次受邀参加大纽约地区国际研究生研讨会和外语教育研讨会